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As shown in Fig

2016-09-14 09:49:31
Grinding head is a general term for small grinding tools with handle, used in electric mill, hanging mill, hand drill and so on. There are many types, such as ceramic grinding head, rubber grinding head, diamond grinding head, emery cloth grinding head, alloy grinding head. Different types, their use is not the same.

(A) ceramic grinding head:

Granular sand (usually brown corundum, white steel jade, chrome corundum, silicon carbide) sintered by the ceramic binder, the central auxiliary metal handle. Mainly grinding all kinds of metal, for the aperture of the inner wall of the grinding, mold correction.

(B) rubber grinding head

The finer grain size sand is synthesized by combining the rubber binder for the polishing of the mold.

(C) Shabu grinding head

Multi-piece rectangular piece of sand, bonded around the metal handle. Particle size is generally 60 # -320 #, for the inner wall of the aperture polishing.

(D) diamond grinding head

Which comprises a base and a plurality of grinding bodies, wherein a plurality of grinding bodies are fixed in a space between the surface of the grinding body and the surface of the grinding body. The grinding tool is characterized in that: Wherein the substrate is preferably made of an adhesive material having a certain toughness, and the grinding body is preferably made of a diamond alloy material, and the grinding body is preferably made of a diamond alloy material, High grinding performance, simple manufacture and low cost, high grinding quality and can be applied to the characteristics of large-scale grinding.